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nj-greenfield-author-pictureA writer of Magic Realism and Literary Fiction, Nicholas J. Greenfield was born in England but shipped off to Australia in his youth. Since then he has spent half his life exploring the world while capturing as much of it as he can on paper. From the urban chaos, love and artistic poverty of Paris to the myths and magic of Mexico, N. J. Greenfield has crafted a series of short works and pieces of flash fiction to immerse and inspire, distilling his experiences into every word to offer the reader not only a means of escape, but a vessel upon which to explore.

What’s New?

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Also his piece ‘Fragment‘ features in Centum Press‘ new anthology, One Hundred Voices Vol. 2’, find it here.

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Nicholas’ contribution to R. S. Kovitch‘s reworked Decameron anthology – The Decameron 2.0, is up and ready to read!

The Sixth


Coming Soon


As part of the soon to be released Inspiritus Press chapter book.

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